Learn How to Make a Confident Sales Call Masterclass

1 Hour | Free Class

The humble telephone can transform your business. In this class, we will show you how.

In this exclusive free online masterclass, recorded live in October 2020, Corinne shares her years of experience of winning business over the phone and addresses some of the issues that can hold us back.

This class is ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, productpreneurs or freelancers who want to feel more confident on the phone to clients, prospects or new contacts. 

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Corinne Thomas, Managing Director, Ethical Sales

“I cut my teeth in telesales at the tender age of 15. 

But I still remember how it feels to have your stomach in knots before an important call.

In this Masterclass I share some important tips, tricks and truths about telephone selling.

As a purpose-driven business owner you have a fantastic opportunity to shine on the phone. Let me teach you how."

Masterclass Contents

1. Exclusive survey results - how do business owners really feel about getting on the phone?

2. Myths & Mindset - how to face your fears in a practical way

3. When to Make the Call - and what to say when you do

4. Get Prepared - a handy checklist for great phone calls

5. Show up for Success - how to run your own sales campaign

PLUS a live Q&A from class attendees and Corinne's perspectives on sales success during the coronavirus pandemic

Watch the replay now PLUS receive our written Step-by-Step Guide as a bonus.